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SPK King Tai Court Residentail Home

Residential Home Projects
Residential Home Projects

Address: King Tai Court, San Po Kong

Net Area: 460 SF

Commence work: 06-2017

Completion date: 09-2017

Residential Home Projects
Design Content

Overall design requirements:

  • Because the owner likes Piet Mondrian’s Composition, he set "Geometric" as the design style at the beginning of the design, and it happened to hide the female room with a hidden door in the pattern, and some soft decoration designs can also be matched with each other, such as ceiling lights and high ceilings. Body chair and so on

  • The unit is mainly for a mother and daughter living together, the small room is the mother's room, the big room is the female's room, each room needs to be arranged with a bed and a wardrobe

  • Due to the relationship of elderly people living together, the design should be more conceived. For example, the width of the door of the mother's room needs to be as wide as possible for wheelchairs to pass, the toilet needs more safety armrests, and the bathroom shower needs to install folding chairs. 

  • The overall design atmosphere needs to be durable, colorful, and simple

  • Since the original delivery standard has been equipped with a lot of wall power supplies, it can be kept in line with the new design arrangement, which also saves a lot of money for the homeowner

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1. Living room:

  • Because the homeowner does yoga at home, he needs a big mirror, so the gray mirror door is used in the storage space of the living room. The main purpose of the gray mirror can provide the effect of shadow photography but it is too direct. The gray mirror is more suitable for the overall design color. Can bring a little set off the effect

  • Because the homeowner spends half of his time working at home, he also has back injuries and old problems. Although the girl's room has a desk, it needs to arrange an extra place to stand and work, so it is arranged on the window sill in the living room. There are a row of bar tables, but because the owner is not very tall, the bar table needs to be designed to be foldable to avoid being too far away and not closing the window when closing the window

  • The wooden TV cabinet with hanging legs can alleviate the shortcomings of its own size ratio, and can add a sense of the times, and eliminate the clumsy look and feel of the old TV cabinet

  • For the floor, to avoid the humid weather in Hong Kong, wood-grain floor tiles are selected. The matte brown of the cool color series just makes the brown wood-grain TV cabinet of the warm color series set off with the bar table.

  • The ceiling lamp trough also improves the effect of a lot of space and a soft atmosphere

  • Regarding curtains, because there is a transom design under each air-conditioner position, it is recommended that all curtains have the same height instead of two separate ones, which looks more generous and natural.


2. Kitchen:

  • Because there is a non-stressed wall on the partition with the adjacent unit, and the cost of changing the standard open pipe (water, electricity, coal) to concealed pipe will be very expensive, so the kitchen cabinet is moved forward by 4 inches to form it. The dark throat effect can save a lot of changes at the same time

  • According to the original delivery arrangement, the astrolabe is a kitchen space close to the window and only 5 straight feet long, but when considering the convenience in use and daily operation, it will cause a lot of inconveniences, so the burner is moved closer to the window. Arrange L-shaped kitchen cabinets to increase storage space


3. Toilet:

  • The biggest problem with the principle of this unit is that the toilet is facing the door. Every time you open the door and return home, the door opens. It is inevitable to see the toilet door. And the pattern on the extra-large sliding door is a transparent post pattern, which can be updated and changed at any time according to the preferences of the homeowner

  • Choose the most conspicuous wall and pave the special brick pattern to bring a lot of new air to this toilet

  • However, as mentioned earlier, the delivery standard is the relationship of the open throat, in order to maintain the look and feel of the characteristic wall, so the modification of the water pipe is necessary

  • In order to increase the storage space in the kitchen, it is recommended to use a slim front-mounted washing machine and move it to the toilet for the washing machine that was originally arranged in the kitchen. The advantage of the front-mounted washing machine is that the top of the washing machine can still maintain storage space


4. Mother's Room

  • Due to the demand for the placement of massage chairs and TV, power and TV cables were installed on the new wall to meet their needs and placed on the side of the new window, and the closet was placed on the side of the tall partition wall to gain light.

  • The material of the wardrobe is also made of solid-colored rubber sheets with irregular pit patterns as the fabric, which is fireproof, moisture-proof, and durable

  • Due to the limited space, the closet also has drawers, hanging clothes, and security guard arrangements, which can do many things in one fell swoop.


5. Daugther's room

  • The placement of the bed is similar to that of the mother's room. In order to gain light, the lower bed is placed near the window, and the taller closet is placed on the side of the tall partition wall.

  • The wardrobe design is the same as the mother's room. The material is also made of solid-colored rubber sheets with irregular pits as the fabric, which is fireproof, moisture-proof, and durable.

  • Also due to the limited space, the wardrobe also has drawers, hanging clothes, and security guard arrangements, which can do many things in one fell swoop.

  • There is also a set of desks arranged between the wardrobe and the bed, which just fits the space required for the opening and closing of the secret door.


6. Before the installation of the characteristic wall, it will be assembled once in the factory, and all the details will be checked and there is no problem with the combination before being shipped to Hong Kong.


7. Finished, the result is very close to the expected result, and the customer is also very satisfied.